About Chef Nick

Helping You Plan and Serve Healthy Meals,
Saving Time and Money


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Who is Chef Nick?
Husband, Father, Author, Speaker,
Meal Planner Blessed with Culinary

Hi, I’m Nick Cavataio

Using my God given gift for food preparation and cooking, my goal is to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen while serving healthy meals

Chef Nick is a seasoned (no pun intended) foodie and has a sincere heart for helping others tackle the question “What’s for dinner?”  He is often consulted for the preparation on a broad spectrum of food events.  He has always enjoyed speaking engagements where he can do a short cooking demonstration on a healthy food choice that his audience can taste on the spot.

Being the Chef in a family of four, Nick is very familiar with the everyday frustrations and challenges.  Grocery shopping for the week, cooking dinners and having school lunches ready in the mornings that are agreeable with each child, can drive anyone crazy.

Chef Nick has more than twenty-five years of experience in the culinary world, everything from small restaurants, large hotels, and cafeteria services.  His passion is to share his knowledge in the kitchen with you, so you may have a much less stressful day.

Nick lives in New York State with his beautiful wife Suzanne and their two wonderful teenagers.

Let Chef Nick help you in the Kitchen, learn more at: http://conqueringhealthierrecipes.com/