Apples, Apples and More Apples

This time of year always brings back great memories of our Dad bringing us for a day trip to pick apples.  My three brothers and I would have a ball.  Yes, we also picked/ate some apples.  But if I remember correctly we spent more time running around the orchard and climbing trees more than helping pick apples.

After much trial and error I believe “for now anyway” I have found my favorite eating apple – (Honeycrisp). 

So, I’m creating this chart in an effort to save you some guess work on what apple(s) you might like that you’re not familiar with.  I’m going to skip the more popular varieties Empire, Macoun, Red Delicious, Cortland, McIntosh and Golden Delicious. 

In my modest opinion ALL FRESH picked apples are good eating.  I agree some are better in recipes from applesauce to pies and everything in between.  But for the most part, I’m a big believer in “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away”.

Honeycrisp – I could eat several every day.  These wonderfully sweet and super crisp apples were born 1991 in the State of Minnesota.  We have found that even our two teens are in agreement when it comes to what kind of apple they like to take for lunch.  Only if we could get them all year round, they are only available September – February. 







Cameo – firm, crispy bright red strips with a creamy orange coloring.  Thin skin and a sweet/tart flavor.   Available late October – April.








Autumn Crisp – Is one of 63 kinds of apples breed/developed at the Cornell University Research facility in Geneva, NY. Because it’s a mix between a Golden Delicious and a Monroe apple and is very slow to brown after its peeled and or sliced, it is great for Salads and Desserts.   Sweet, Tart, Juicy and Extra Crisp.
Available September – December









Fortune – Is a mix between a Red Spy and Empire apple and because its crispness and spicy flavor it is great to use for applesauce and pies.
Available Late October – June









Idared – These apples are best for baking, probably would be my first choice for a Baked Apple recipe.  Firm yet juicy, sweet and tart.

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