Avocado The Mystery Veggie!

I have to admit Avocado is a fruit that has been a mystery to me.  Because of its shape, color, texture and the few times that I tasted it 35 years ago I really never gave this wonderfully nutritional super food a chance.  Now after doing a little research I understand it has been my lost. 

I will certainly be experimenting with an assortment of recipes for this amazingly healthy fruit.  Some “experts” might say Avocadoes are bad for you because of their calorie and fat content – WRONG – Avocadoes are great health booster.

  • Anti-Inflammatory – Avocadoes have a wonderful blend of healthy characteristics including Vitamins C and D, zinc, selenium, phytosterols, carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids which all help reduce inflammation.  So, let’s go for a more steady diet of Avocadoes and cut back on the arthritis.
  • Strengthened Eyesight – Avocadoes, also called “Alligator Pears” because of their color, texture and shape have copious amounts of Carotenoids.  The more popular superstars in this family of nutrients as we know them are beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein.  It’s also good to know that as you enjoy eating this fruit, you’re giving a healthy boost to your reproductive and immune systems.
  • Heart Benefits – Now let’s talk about the fat content.  Avocados are rich in Oleic acid which is a very friendly fatty acid.  Research has shown Oleic acid is an excellent source for healthier heart.  The fat in avocadoes, like olive oil is a good for HDL cholesterol level and at the same time knocks down the LDL levels.
  • Packed with Protein – we all know beef is a good source of protein and I’ll be the first to admit that I occasionally enjoy a medium cut of Roasted Prime Rib with lots of beef broth.  The only problem is, beef in general does not digest very well.   Along with beans, broccoli, spinach, artichokes and potatoes Avocado is packed with protein.  Because of its fiber content Avocado is super friendly to the digestive system.  Avocado is a great substitute for animal source protein.
  • Shopping and Preparing – Look for avocadoes that are firm but not hard when holding them.  Most of the nutrients in the avocado are just under the skin, carefully cut the skin away from the fruit.

As I mention I do not have much experience with this particular super healthy fruit YET.  I’m anxious to get started in the trying a variety of Avocado recipes and hope you do the same.

More to come…

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