Guarantee Freshness Tips

silverwarePicking out a fresh pineapple:

Need to use the look, touch and smell senses. A fresh ripe pineapple is usually a golden-yellow color, but also could be more greenish and still be ripe. Another indicator to look for is bright green leaves on the stem. A fresh pineapple should have some weight to it and when squeezed, you want it to be fairly firm with a little give. They should smell sweet but not fermented, vinegar like smell means it is probably over ripe.

Fresh Asparagus Spears:

When buying a bunch of asparagus spears from the grocery store, I always had to guess on where to cut the (woody) ends off the asparagus spears. I recently discovered that all you have to do is take one spear from the bunch and snap the end off, and that length is what the whole bunch can be cut.